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Small house on the hill
October 16, 2010 01:01:30

Thiên đường của mẹ

Thiên đường là một nơi rất gần thôi, nên không cần phải nói lời vĩnh biệt …

A Place Nearby – Lene Marlin

I entered the room
Sat by your bed all through the night
I watched your daily fight
I hardly knew
The pain was almost more than I could bear
And still I hear
Your last words to me

Heaven is a place nearby
So I won’t be so far away
And if you try and look for me
Maybe you’ll find me someday
Heaven is a place nearby
So there’s no need to say goodbye
I will ask you not to cry
I’ll always be by your side

You just faded away
You spread your wings, you had flown
Away to something unknown
Wish I could bring you back
You’re always on my mind
About to tear myself apart
You have your special place in my heart, always

And even when I go to sleep
I still can hear your voice
And those words, I never will forget


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