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Dream – Jay Chou

Come on go go go, let your dream start afresh
Different sweat, sweating out that different dream
When you are still continuing, of course I cannot say give up
Because of persistence we must believe even more so
You say you are always looking to surpass yourself on your run
I say I work hard on my music in order to go beyond this era
Throw all the disappointments and failures to the back of your mind
I am about to see the map of the world pass beneath your feet

Slowly open your eyes, slowly open your eyes
Look at the sky, even if you work hard you might be lonely
Open your heart, open your heart
If that opportunity arises, can you catch up?

Go ahead and smile, even if you keep failing
Stand up, try again, push away the frailties
Confidence is in the mind, don’t let your soul become empty
Now and in the future I am cheering for you

Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh

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